Since its establishment, the AMMC has been totally committed to developing its human capital, considered to be a key success factor for achieving its goals and mission in a lasting and optimal manner.

The AMMC Human resources policy is very ambitious and constitutes a main pillar of the strategic development of the Authority. It is built around four major axes:


Integration is a necessary component for the development of synergies and interactions between employees to eventually reach an advanced level of efficiency. It also allows introducing a sense of identification and belonging to the AMMC and its values.


Developing and managing talents is one of the essential aspects of the AMMC’s HR strategy. Training allows having skilled and qualified resources, as well as providing adequate career opportunities for the employees.

Career evolution:     

The desire for change and progress is possible in the AMMC through promotion and internal mobility. The HR strategy adopted throughout the employees’ career is based on appropriate HR tools, such as annual interviews and assessments of activity and performance.


  Conviviality in the working environment is very important as well. The AMMC works continuously to improve the working environment and enhance the cordial relations between the colleagues, and strengthen the team spirit. In this respect and for several years now, the AMMC has institutionalized a number of regular events to this end.