Francophone Institute Of Financial Regulation (IFREFI)

Established in Rabat, in June 24th 2002, at the initiative of the market regulation authorities of Francophone markets, the IFREFI aims to strengthen cooperation and exchanges between its members.

Upon its creation, the AMMC was elected vice president.


The IFREFI mission is to promote training, coordination and technical cooperation between its members and the study of any matter relating to financial regulation. It is empowered to take any action necessary to pursue the following objectives:

  • Conduct professional and technical training sessions and workshops on  financial regulations for its members;
  • Contribute to the creation of common  educational instruments  related to financial markets;
  • Provide opportunities for meetings and information exchange between specialists from various fields in the financial markets, economic and legal sectors;
  • Encourage mutual understanding between its members, the mode of carrying out their respective missions and  the financial markets they oversee;
  • Conduct research on topics of common interest, especially when the Francophone aspect or the use of a common legal framework is a decisive element of research;
  • Perform any other activity in accordance with the objectives of the charter.

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